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 3 Practices to Reduce Risk when Automating Under Uncertainty

Join our free interactive webinar to explore how life science manufacturers can confidently invest in capital equipment to scale up production.

About the Webinar

While scaling your manufacturing, there are always elements of uncertainty, and with uncertainty comes risk.

It is how we react to the uncertainty that becomes critical in order to reduce the risk.

Join Linear Motion Technology Director, Simon Drexler, P.Eng,MBA, to explore and discuss 3 real-world practices that life science manufacturers can implement when developing their automation in order to reduce the risk associated with scaling.

You'll Learn

Why areas of uncertainty in product development have changed.

How uncertainty can impact your investment in capital equipment.

The impact your automation decisions can have on your ability to effectively scale production.

3 ways life science manufacturers can mitigate risks when developing their automation.






Simon Drexler is the director of the Linear Motion Technologies (LMT) group at ATS Automation in Cambridge Ontario. With over 12 years’ experience in industrial automation, Simon has earned himself a spot on Plant Magazine’s “Top 40 Engineering Leaders Under 40,” and was named Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine’s “Pro to Know.” With a passion for technology, Simon continues to drive innovation in the world of industrial automation. Along with leading the LMT group, Simon currently sits on the Board of Advisors for Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.


Simon Drexler, P.Eng, MBA
Director, Linear Motion Technology Products

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Date: Wednesday, September 23rd